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HABITAT mailing list

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  1. General description of the list.
  2. List norms.
  3. List ussage.
  4. FAQs.
  5. List files.
  6. Red Iris; Red Iris Arbitration Committee.

HABITAT mailing list is a meeting point for the readers of CF+S Library, in where to share their knowledge, experience, questions, answers, concerns and talent.

The list treats a wide range of issues about city and sustainability: country/city, North/South, social participation, ecological economy, local/global, transportation, sustainable construction, bioclimatical architecture, urban planning, resources and waste management: consult the titles of the published CF+S boulletins for a wide reference.

The HABITAT mailing list should not become a discussion or debate list. Its main objectives are:

  1. Communicating Library news to its readers.
  2. Making easier the contact among people involved in real experiences (best practices, etc), mainly to resolve common problems and exchange knowledge.
There are many other mailing lists dedicated to discussion on related issues. These are a few examples:

HABITAT mailing list is the newest of this Library resources (search engine, periodical bulletin, agenda of events, documented experiencies, books on-line,...), but it doesn't substitute them. HABITAT mailing list will provide the latest of the Library news and documents.

HABITAT mailing list pretends to become an agile communication way to both discussion and contact. The mailing list messages shall be short (no more than 500 words) and concise, with brief and descriptive «Subject» field.

This mailing list should not be used to contact Library staff: its function consists on getting Library users into contact with each other.

Please carefully read mailing list norms before sending or replying any message.

HABITAT mailing list is open to the subscription of anyone, always following their norms. Within this, the list will become whatever their subscribers want to, what means that it will not be moderated (only messages from subcribed mailboxes will be accepted though). Mailing list administration reserves the right to execute Red Iris established actions upon subscribed mailboxes not fulfilling the mailing list norms.

To subscribe you must sent an e-mail to containing the following order:
    subscribe habitat
in «Message» field («Subject» field is ignored). This message has to be sent from the mailbox subscribing to the mailing list; in fact, the subscription refers to a mailbox, not a person. Then, you will get a reply with additional instructions.

Documentación de la lista HABITAT >
Ciudades para un Futuro más Sostenible
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