Ciudades para un Futuro más Sostenible
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Conclusions of the First Meeting of the Ibero-american and Caribbean Forum on Best Practices Human Settlements for a More Sustainable Future

Objetives and outreach

Overall Objective

To contribute to the implementation of the Habitat Agenda, this Forum proposes to increase and broaden, throughout the region, the participation of civil society in policy making for sustainable human settlement development.

Specifically, the Forum will:


In order to co-ordinate the administration of funds and programme activities of this Forum, an Interim Secretariat shall be established to operate through the end of 1998, to be comprised of:

To enable the work of this Forum, sub-regional nodes will be established whose representatives will assist the Interim Secretariat in decision making. These nodes shall be focused on promoting concrete activities on specific themes, monitoring experiences and holding seminars and workshops concerning the communication, dissemination and analysis of experiences and transfers.


For planning purposes it is proposed that the Forum use the following definition of sub-regions:

(The situations of Puerto Rico, Guayana and Surinam must be discussed and resolved)

For the identification of institutions and needs related to the utilisation and transfer of Best Practices, Focal Points shall be established in each country on a flexible basis through proposals of interested institutions in accordance with criteria collectively determined. The Interim Secretariat will have the ultimate authority (or Competency) regarding the acceptance of identified Focal Points.

These Focal points should, to the extent possible:

The Forum can also seek the support of collaborating institutions capable of offering means, experience and expertise.

Working Methods

  1. Workshops and seminars shall focus on specific themes reflecting the circumstances in the region and generate outputs capable of influencing sustainable development policies.

    Workshops are expected to undertake in-depth analysis of ongoing experiences and to promote the transfer of lessons learned and methods extracted from documented experiences.

    The workshops will also serve to sensitise the participants, including decision-makers at all levels, to the program and procedures of the BLP and to stimulate the mobilisation of resources in support of new initiatives which address critical needs in specific areas.

  2. Forum participants are expected to identify scheduled events during 1997 - 1998 which have the potential to forge links with the activities of the Forum and those of the BLP Programme.

  3. To publicise its activities, the Forum shall support the use of mass media in accordance with strategies determined by the sub-regional nodes and the Interim Secretariat.


Given the resources provided for the establishment of this Forum, it will finance the following activities:

  1. Organise the Forum’s initial Seminars and Workshops during 1997-1998 in association with the calendar of events of the BLP.

  2. Support existing networks with outreach capacity in the identification and evaluation of new experiences.

  3. Cover the operational costs of the Interim Secretariat.
The activities promoted by the Forum will be guided by the principal of cost sharing and collaboration with institutions which have established programmes that coincide or complement the Forum’s activities.

Start-up activities

Proposed schedule of events

Convene a workshops/seminar in each sub-region:

July'97 Jamaica Non-Spanish speaking Caribbean countries
August'97 Colombia The Andino Group
September'97 Mexico Mexico, Central America and Spanish speaking Caribbean countries
October'97 Brazil Brazil
October'97 Argentina Cono Sur

In order to evaluate the procedures, events and results of the sub-regional workshops and seminars, as well as, the directives and operational issues of the Forum, an Evaluation Meeting of the Interim Secretariat and sub-regional representatives could be scheduled to take place in conjunction with the "Encuentro Habitat", to be held in Cali, Colombia 24-28, November, 1997. The Evaluation meeting will take advantage of the Encuentro Habitat to publicise the Forum and its activities.

Documentos > Foros > Foro Iberoamericano y del Caribe sobre Mejores Prácticas >
Ciudades para un Futuro más Sostenible
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